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Uphold your professional image by creating a clean and inviting atmosphere. Our corporate cleaning crews will exceed your expectations, so you can make an outstanding first impression.

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A clean office is a productive office. Keep your employees happy, healthy and productive with our corporate cleaning services. We provide everything from restroom sanitation and desktop disinfecting to trash removal and floor cleaning. Employees will enjoy working in a clean environment.

Maintaining a clean, professional looking carpet is important for any business. Eagle Enterprises Ltd. offers unmatched carpet cleaning services for removing stains, spots and ground in dirt. We also offer carpet dry cleaning, wet extraction and traffic lane maintenance services.

Commercial janitorial services are available for schools, churches, small businesses and other companies or facilities in need of professional cleaners. We use the highest quality materials and equipment from HEPA filter vacuums to hospital-grade disinfectants. We will ensure your facility maintains high levels of cleanliness.

Minimize overhead by purchasing high-quality commercial janitorial supplies from the same company cleaning your building. We offer both supplies and services so you don’t have to go through two separate companies. Our supplies also meet the EPA’s EEP guidelines and Green Seal Standards, so you know you’re getting quality.

Keep your floors clean and stain-free with our hard floor care services. Between constant foot traffic and spills, it is crucial to keep up with cleaning, polishing, buffing and waxing hard floors. We care for all types of floors like wood, tile, marble and vinyl.

Our commercial cleaning services aren’t limited to floors and trash removal. Eagle Enterprises Ltd. is determined to keep every aspect of your building clean. We offer specialty services including window washing, blind cleaning, cubicle partition cleaning, power washing, post construction cleanup and plastic furniture cleaning.

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The Eagle Advantage

For over 20 years, Eagle Enterprises Ltd. has offered the best in commercial cleaning services. Our professional janitorial service experts have an unswerving dedication to delivering complete customer satisfaction for every company, no matter how big or small.


Eagle Enterprises Ltd. offers unbeatable commercial cleaning services for a wide range of buildings and facilities, including class A office buildings, businesses, food testing facilities, churches, schools, light manufacturing facilities, foundries and much more. From commercial janitorial cleaning services to corporate office cleaning in Milwaukee, Eagle Enterprises Ltd. provides the superior janitorial services customers have come to expect.

With a dedicated, well trained Milwaukee office janitorial staff, regular and surprise inspections from district managers, complete commitment to customer satisfaction and years of on-the-job experience, Eagle Enterprises Ltd. is your number one choice for unbeatable corporate and commercial cleaning services. Experience the difference the Eagle Advantage can make for your facility.

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We believe quality cleaning begins with quality employees.

One of the biggest problems in the commercial cleaning industry is the lack of quality employees. The vast majority of Milwaukee corporate cleaning companies have huge turnover rates, a problem which seriously affects the quality of service they provide. Commercial cleaning companies forced to constantly acquire and train new employees aren’t focused on providing their customers with the superb cleaning services they should be delivering.

We believe quality cleaning begins with quality employees, so Eagle Enterprises is dedicated to building the best professional corporate cleaning team possible. Through extensive training, incentive programs and background checks, Eagle Enterprises has built a Waukesha commercial cleaning service team capable of providing your company or facility with the high quality cleaning practices you require. 

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Contract Free

National corporate cleaning services often require their customers to sign long term, automatically renewing contracts which can cause too many issues. Eagle Enterprises Ltd. takes a different approach to customer relations. We won’t force you to sign a contract; we only require a letter of intent. With no formal contract, there is no risk for our clients. 

Corporate and commercial cleaning services can be adjusted or added and cleaning schedules can be altered quickly and easily, providing our customers with the flexibility so many other companies don’t offer. Our reputation in customer relationships and customer retention rates speak volumes about the quality of work Eagle Enterprises Ltd. provides.

Green Cleaning supplies for a healthy work environment in Milwaukee offices

Green Cleaning

Eagle Enterprises Ltd. is dedicated to providing our customers with Green Seal approved cleaning practices, equipment and supplies. Businesses seeking LEED-EB certification can rely on the professional commercial janitorial service providers at Eagle Enterprises Ltd. Several key components to acquiring LEED-EB certification are based on housekeeping functions, all of which are provided and documented by the expert commercial cleaning professionals at Eagle Enterprises Ltd.

We Proudly Use Green Seal Certified Products for Milwaukee Professional Cleaning Services
Clean work spaces for productive teamwork

"Fun" Facts

5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Germs and Bacteria in Your Office:

1. An average computer desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

2. Flu-like viruses can live on keyboards and phones for up to two days.

3. MRSA bacterial infections can last from days to weeks on your work surfaces.

4. An average office worker can come into contact with over 10 million bacteria per day.

5. Office telephones harbor over 25,000 microbes per square inch!


Dirt, germs, viruses and bacteria thrive in office environments. People working in close quarters, sharing corporate telephones, and using each other’s computers only increases the spread of germs and sickness. Your employees will miss more work with sick days and become distracted by grime if their working environment is not clean.

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How Dirty is Your Office? All the places germs & bacteria accumulate daily
Milwaukee's professional office cleaning services

If you’re unsatisfied with your current corporate cleaning service, looking for a new commercial janitorial company to partner with, or simply in need of the best Waukesha corporate cleaning services available in Southeastern Wisconsin, contact the team at Eagle Enterprises Ltd. today. Please use our contact formt o obtain a quote or with any questions regarding our superior Wisconsin commercial cleaning services.

Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction, consistently reliable commercial contract cleaning services and the best pricing in today’s market makes Eagle Enterprises Ltd. the best possible choice for your small business, company or corporation.

How Dirty is Your Office? All the places germs & bacteria accumulate daily