Milwaukee and Waukesha Hard Floor Care Services

Commerical Hard Floor Cleaning Professionals in Southeastern Wisconsin

Hard floor care services in SE Wisconsin include waxingMaintaining a clean and attractive floor is a crucial to professionalism. Customers, employees and visitors track all kinds of dirt, dust and debris into businesses on a daily basis. Over time this soot accumulates, leaving stains and unsightly marks on your floors.

The professional Milwaukee hard floor care specialists at Eagle Enterprises Ltd. offer superb hard floor care services, including:

  • Polishing
  • Waxing
  • Buffing
  • Burnishing
  • Stripping
  • Sealing
  • And More

Eagle Enterprises Ltd. offers professional hard floor care services for a wide variety of flooring types, including, but not limited to:

Rubber Floor Care Services

Rubber flooring is becoming more common due to its durability, comfort and quieter surface. Eagle Enterprises cleans and repairs all rubber flooring surfaces.

Vinyl Floor Care

Vinyl floors are common in many office buildings and businesses and require care and attention for maintaining a clean and inviting appearance. Eagle Enterprises offers high quality polishing, waxing and scuff removal for vinyl floors of all types.

Tile Cleaning and Care

The grout used in tile floors is a magnet for dirt. The professional hard floor cleaning experts at Eagle Enterprises clean existing dirt from your tile floors and return them to the shining, attractive surfaces they’re meant to be.

Ceramic Floor Cleaning

Ceramic floors make a beautiful addition to any business. Eagle Enterprises Ltd. offers polishing, waxing, buffing and grout cleaning services for all forms of ceramic flooring.

Wood Floor Cleaning and Repair

Wood floor services from Eagle Enterprises Ltd. including polishing, burnishing, stripping and sealing protect your wood floor from daily use and abuse.

Terrazzo and Marble Cleaning Services

Eagle Enterprises Ltd. offers superb terrazzo and marble floor care services, including polishing, waxing, buffing, sealing and more.

Concrete Care Services

Concrete surface care from Eagle Enterprises Ltd. includes machine scrubbing, polishing, burnishing and sealing to maintain a dry, high quality concrete floor.

Contact the Waukesha commercial hard floor care service specialists at Eagle Enterprises Ltd. today for the best corporate cleaning services in Wisconsin.