With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the entire world, business owners, employees, and
employers are all worried about the safety of their workspaces. This pandemic has forced a lot
of them to take cleaning guidelines more seriously, so as to protect their employees and
workers from the disease.
The primary goal for every business at the moment is to ensure clean and hygienic workplaces,
which will reduce the virus’ impact on productivity levels. Using our professional commercial
cleaning services can help you achieve that goal with ease.
During times like these, the importance of professional commercial cleaning services cannot be
understated. They have a huge responsibility on their hands, which will continue even after the
pandemic dies down. It may take a couple of years before we are fully able to handle COVID
cases. Until then, professional cleaning services will be needed even more to disinfect and
sanitize workspaces.
All our cleaning methods have been designed based on the COVID-19 environmental
disinfection and cleaning principles released by leading health organizations around the world.
If you want a complete pandemic cleaning service, a disinfecting precautionary cleaning service,
or a Coronavirus touchpoint clean in your workplace, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’ve
got a team of professional cleaners whose highest priority is to ensure a safe office for you and
your employees. They have been trained for such situations and are prepared to deploy
effective solutions that will drop the chances of transmission within your office.
Here are some policies we’ve implemented for our cleaning staff in light of the pandemic:
 Social Distancing: Our staff follow a strict 6-foot social distancing norm, so as to
minimize the risk of transmission
 Surface disinfecting: We utilize hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure that none of the
germs escape our cleaning efforts
 Wearing gloves and other protective equipment: All our employees have been armed
with gloves, masks, and other PPE for their own safety.
We’re experts in the field of professional commercial cleaning services – entrust your cleaning
requirements to us and you’ll never have to be worried about an unhygienic or germ-laden
workplace environment ever again.
The World Health Organization has issued several coronavirus guidelines and has stated that
it’s necessary to use disinfectant on all objects and surfaces, including door handles, keyboards,
buttons, telephones, tables, desks, etc., if companies want to protect their employees from the
Infected employees leave traces of the virus in the air they breathe and the surfaces that they
touch. When other people use these same spaces, the virus enters their body from these
surfaces and attacks their respiratory system. Enclosed places like offices are at much greater risk since even a single case could result in every person getting infected due to the alarming
fast-spreading nature of this virus.
Our team of professional cleaners will disinfect your entire office with a comprehensive COVID-
19 cleaning service that will leave no stone unturned. Be it a disinfecting service (recommended
if you’ve had a positive coronavirus case at your office), or a precautionary cleaning service,
we’ll take every step to ensure your employees are not infected by this virus.