1. Put on necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (see attached for
proper PPE sequence)
a. For contamination prevention:
i. Eye goggles
ii. Disposable dust mask
iii. Gloves
b. For buildings with confirmed COVID-19 case:
i. Eye goggles
ii. Disposable dust mask with N-95 respirator
iii. Disposable bodysuit and/or apron
iv. Gloves
v. Shoe Covers

2. Clean all areas per normal cleaning SOP’s
3. Once areas clean – begin touchpoint cleaning:
a. Saturate a clean microfiber rag and wipe touchpoints and/or all
horizontal surfaces taking care to use some mechanical force to
produce friction on the surface – change rag frequently.
b. Make sure to get area visibly wet — be careful not to soak sensitive
c. Let dwell and allow to dry
4. Some surfaces may need to be rinsed with clear water after
recommended dwell time to prevent residual stickiness
5. The following are considered “touch points”:
● Tops of hard chairs (top of back)
● Arms of chairs
● Counters and tabletops in shared areas
● Light switches
● Vending machine buttons
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● Handles on Microwaves
● Handles on Coffee Pots
● Buttons on elevators
● Handrails in hallways and stairwells
● Refrigerator door handles
● Cabinet handles in kitchen/shared areas
● Push plates
● Door handles
● Phones
● Partition doors in bathrooms
● All fixture handles (faucet, soap, toilet, etc) in bathrooms and
● Water cooler handles
● Tops of office cubicle walls
● ****Personal computer keyboards and personal phone keypads not

All disinfecting is done with an EPA certified disinfectant:
Spartan Green Solutions High Dilution Disinfectant 256
Read Efficacy Bulletin here:
It is understood that the application of the disinfectant chemical does not have any
residual effect and that the elimination of viruses and bacteria will occur one-time only.
Our disinfection treatment is designed for hard and soft surfaces and will have no impact
on airborne viruses. It is also impossible to confirm the extent to which viruses have been
eliminated from the environment without conducting post-cleaning air and surface testing.