It’s been some time since the rise of Coronavirus and the shutdown that came with it. We have all had to make changes and adjustments, and the same can be said for the work environment. In the past, disinfecting services have generally been reserved for kitchens and restrooms. Now “touchpoint” disinfecting has become a standard inclusion in the majority of cleaning programs.

Facility managers and folks responsible for the maintenance of their workspaces have had to quickly pivot and figure out how to effectively keep things disinfected on a large scale and maintain safe practices for their employees.

So, the question that begs to be answered is “Now what?” With the prospect of reopening and potentially bringing back the workforce into the building, where do we go from here? How often should disinfecting be done? Is disinfecting going to be a routine occurrence or viewed more of an “as needed” event?

CDC Recommendations

The CDC continues to recommend performing routine cleaning and disinfecting. They state “maintaining a plan to perform regular cleanings to reduce the reduce the risk of exposure… and routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace” as the first step in keeping a workplace infection-free followed by disinfecting with an EPA certified disinfectant.

Methods of disinfecting

When considering which method of disinfection is right for you, circumstances need to be taken into consideration. The two most common methods of disinfection are using an electrostatic spraying device and touchpoint disinfecting.

Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting

When larger or multiple areas need to be disinfected, the new ‘gold standard’ is using a relatively new technology called an electrostatic sprayer. Similar in size to a handheld electric drill or medium-sized water gun, an electrostatic sprayer has a reservoir of water in which you dissolve a tablet of disinfectant. This solution is then statically charged and sprayed. The watery mist uses this electrical charge to seek out and cling to objects, even the sides, and wrapping around the underside of items, thus delivering the disinfectant.

This method is great when treating a large room or multiple areas, say if an infected employee used their office, lunchroom, restroom, and copy machine. These areas can be fully sprayed and disinfected in minutes. The mist must reside on the surfaces for 30 minutes and can leave a chalky residue but is then safe for interaction. An added bonus is the mist can be sprayed over electronic devices and equipment with no adverse effects.

Touchpoint Disinfecting

More of a preventative measure, touchpoint disinfecting involves manually wiping down a surface with a disinfectant, allowing the chemical to dwell and do its job, then wiping it away. This all must be done while the surface is clean and free of grim or dirt as the disinfectant does not work very well on a dirty surface. Therefore, this method of disinfection is done following the standard cleaning program.

The primary target of this sort of disinfecting is to hit those areas that are commonly touched by the people in a workspace. Door handles, phones, light switches, printers/copiers, and restroom fixtures are all good examples of high-touch surfaces.

Eagle’s Disinfecting Services

During the pandemic, Eagle Enterprises has helped its customers provide safe workplaces by strengthening disinfection services to include touchpoint disinfecting as well as electrostatic spray disinfecting. We are able to service our customers within hours of discovering an employee has a positive infection result. We continue to use only EPA-certified disinfectants for all of our accounts. While expanding our service line and being quick to respond are all great for our customers, we would like to underscore the importance of a strong routine cleaning program. “Clean” is the most important element of keeping a workspace safe and giving employees peace of mind.

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