But we can help!

Over the past two years, the flu and other infectious diseases have been stronger and more dangerous than ever — 2017/2018 was the deadliest flu season in history. Every year susceptible populations die from the flu, such as the elderly, the sick and the young.

Last year, strong, healthy people in non-susceptible populations, like adults between the ages of 20 and 50, died from flu and respiratory illness complications. These deaths came on quick. Many knew they were sick, but in past years were always able to push through it.

How should facility managers combat this situation? Many wait until there is an outbreak, shut down the school or facility, and then douse surfaces with chemicals thinking it will be sufficient. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The answer is to set up a consistent infection control and mitigation plan for public health before a crisis hits.

No one can stop people in the facility from becoming sick. Our job is to stop the spread of infectious outbreaks and reduce the potential for people to get sick.

To read more go to: https://www.cleanlink.com/hs/article/Five-Chemical-Considerations-And-How-They-Fight-Infections–24313

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