It’s an argument as old as time — should the toilet paper roll be placed to dispense front-facing or back-facing?

According to Adam Dachis of LifeHacker, the issue is so argued that it has its own meme, infographic, and Wikipedia page. He goes on to site that there are several reasons to support the front-facing or “over the top” way to dispense. These include:

1. Manufactures embossed TP so that when front-facing /”over the top” the embossing/pattern is visible – which it is not when back-facing.

2. Front-facing puts the TP closer to it’s user — especially important when children are around!

3. Safety – front-facing TP means that you never have to worry about scratching your knuckles on the wall when you reach to grab some!

While some people will continue to argue the back-facing method, we here at Eagle Enterprises Ltd. have always trained our cleaners to restock toilet paper in the front-facing fashion. We are in the majority since studies show that 70% of people prefer it that way!

It’s one of those small details that we feel makes a difference in our customer’s buildings.

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